Evaluation of Health Care Management As a Career

Importance of gaining management skills cannot be over ruled may it be the management of anything. Learning management improves upon your career prospect and performance. Health care organizations highly encourage learning.

Course Infrastructure

MBA in Health Care Management is based upon learning, developing and enhancing skills required managing health facilities and solving problems being faced in doing so. The whole MBA program is planned in different modules and following subjects are incorporated.

• Administration
• Communication Skills
• Clinical Supervision
• Clinical Decision Making
• Infection Control Strategy

Above mentioned subjects are major subjects which form part of the syllabus. Besides these subjects normal subjects required to improve upon the administrative skills are also incorporated.

Eligibility Requirements

This MBA program is a specially designed for doctors and pharmacists, to polish their administrative and business skills so that, they can effectively maintain the standards of their hospital. To undertake this course following are the pre requisites.

• Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Sciences
• Bachelor of Dental Surgery
• Doctor of Pharmacy
• Bachelor of Pharmacy
• Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Sciences
• Masters of Applied Psychology
• Diploma of Clinical Psychology

Career Scope

A person holding MBA in Health Care Management is expected to get following type of jobs.
• Head of Department (Doctor)
• Manager of Pharmacy
• Government Relationship
• Head of patient care services
• Nursing Admin
• Marketing and Public Affairs (Pharmacy)
• Hospital Manager

In fact, health care management is a vast and complex field with a wide range of working opportunities. Every day increase in health facilities and the same way increase in burden over these facilities demands high level of professionalism with high level of administrative skills. For medical professionals this is an excellent investment to undertake MBA in Health Care Mangement.

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